The notes we play on the horn, come from the overtone series, that's to say the notes we can play with the same fingerings, changing the shape of the lips only. In order to understand an overtone series, there's nothing better than a graphic explanation, step by step...

In the western music there are several systems to represent the note names. I'm presenting in this video a small explanation, flowed by a small introduction to transposition for horn beginners.


The holidays are a over, now it is time to practice!


The word "horn" how it is written and spoked around the word. If your native language is missing, please contribute with this project.


Albanian - Korn

Arabic - هورن 

Armenian - Վալդհորն

Azbairjan - valtorna

Basque - Tronpa

Belarusian - Валторна (valtorny)

Nowadays technology has a big presence and impact in out lives, why don't we make it useful for the music?

So... here are some of my favorite music apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows