(ca. 6'45'')


Published in November 2015 by AvA Musical Editions 

Also Available at: • Casa dos Músicos  • June Emerson 
 Available digitally at nkoda

Required piece at the Juvenille category of the 1st APTE Competition (Portuguese Tuba and Euphonium Association) (2019)





This piece was thought to be played on the B flat side of the Horn. This characteristic allows this piece to be idiomatically played on aTrombone or on an Euphonium.

Parts available in Bass Clef (in C) and Treble Clef (in Bb)





The first movement “Till Eulenspiegel is back!” is inspired by an historical character that according to the european legend is related with many pranks. So it is very funny music based on jumps. There is a central section with a satirical character, exploring the cantabile qualities of the medium-low range.




Next, “Sunset” it is based on a calm melody, including several expressive range shifts.




Finally, “Dance” as suggested, it is a dance alternating 7/8 and 9/8 time signatures. A joyful rhythmic chalenge for both players!


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