Single Note Transposition Game (for Horn Players)

Unfortunelly, fortunelly, I don't know anymore... a french horn player life is fullfiled with traspositions.

My aim with this little game is helpping the interested hornplayers, making avaliable one more way to practice without the horn.
The computer will tell you if are right or wrong. If you were alone you could miss without knowing...

There are several ways to transpose . Read (Individualy) intervals , by clefs, by keys, etc...

The image bellow shows the distance beetween all the horns ans F Horn and the differences in the Key

I like to transpose mainly the key (of course the technique may change for each situation), some times may apear in a score single notes or big jumps where one must decide and transpose in fractions of second.

For that situation I've created this game . 192 questions, with the most usual range in each transposition.

The aim is to answer as fast as possible to train your reflexes.

Good Luck !

If you find some, plese contact me, indicating the note and the transposition. Thanks

You can play also the Key Transposition Game