Published in March 2017 by AvA Musical Editions  

Also available at:June Emerson (UK)
 Available digitally at nkoda

 This quartet was composed in July, 2015. It consists of 5 amusing movements, which were thought to be played individually as encore or as a suite of about 11 minutes.

1 - Fun for Four - In this movement I imagined someone trying to go for a walk but being constantly interrupted (by stopped notes, flutter tongue, glissandi etc).
2 - Theme & Variations - “Atirei o Pau ao Gato” in Portugal or “Atirei o Pau no Gato,” as it is known in Brazil, is a nursery rhyme presented here in 4 variations with a satirical character.
3 - Romance - A calm and expressive movement, that includes melodies built from the movements present on the different voices. Each new entrance and dynamics should be emphasized
4 - Train Tracks - It intends to illustrate a train trip, where the 8th notes set the locomotive cadence. Each one of the themes represents a different character dialog. When the train arrives to the station, all characters start to speak at the same time until the doors close and the train proceeds the trip.
5 - Finger Snaps - In this movement, each horn player is required to snap his fingers alternately, this can also be used to invite the public to participate in the performance if it is played as an encore.