Published in May 2017 by AvA Musical Editions  

 Available digitally at nkoda

Ca.3' 40''




This piece was recorded on a CD by Luís Ribeiro (Saxophone), Ingrid Sotolarová (Piano) 


Dedicated to Jorge Sousa

This piece was written in November 2015. “Lamento” was born a week after the Atacks in Paris, that spread panic around the world. It is a piece intended for tenor saxophone and piano, that somehow addresses these events. All my art is created without any preconceptions and “lamento” is no exception. Somehow I was influenced by these events that shoked the world, but the choice of the tittle happened by mere chance.

This piece begins mysteriously with piano string resonances and gradually gains both shape and energy. It is written on a moderatelly difficulty level, that includes some rhythmical and melodical challenges. There is a section with a written improvisation, including chord symbols that allow an optional live improvisation.