Premiered by António Francisco Ferreira and Bernardo Soares on April 30th 2016, at Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Porto, Portugal

Dur: 5' 30''

Published in August 2016 by AvA Musical Editions 

Also available at  June Emerson 
 Available digitally at nkoda

This piece was commissioned by António Francisco Ferreira and it is composed by three contrasting movements. The first movement is a fanfare for Eb Trumpet, that starts with the bell inside the piano, producing an eco effect by the resonating piano strings. The 2nd movement is a romance on a improvisational character for flugelhorn. Finally a funny dance for prepared Bb Trumpet (without the 2nd tuning slide), based on pentatonic scales and accompanied by comic sounds produced by the 2º piston. This piece is a rare opportunity for intermediate level students to have the chance of using different instruments in the same performance. However, I am aware that this feature might also make it harder to perform this piece, as not every intermediate student owns all the instruments required. Having this in mind, it was also included a Bb part, that allows it to be played entirely on the same instrument.