Published in March 2017 at the Online Music Sales (International Horn Society) 



This is a crazy and fun piece for 12 horns, including percussions made only with the horns. It is about 5 minutes long and it was composed in 2016, dedicated to the ESMAE Horn Ensemble from Oporto, Portugal.

The repertoire for Horn Ensemble is usually very demanding for the high horn players. For that reason, in this piece only 8 players really play on their horns and the other 4 are simply doing percussions on their horns. It is a great piece to include on a big concert, allowing 4 players to relax their embouchures.

The contagious rhythm that you can find in this piece is very catchy, but it requires a group of nice rhythmical players. In the beginning, there is a section overlapping 7/4 and 7/16 time signatures creating the festive mood. Then comes a blues in 4/4 with written improvisations for high horn, low horn and a funny clapping “battle” for two players. Finally, the reexposition, for a big finale!