Published in November 2018 at  AvA Musical Editions 

 Available digitally at nkoda

Peça obrigatória da Categoria Júnio do 1º Concurso da Associação Portuguesa de Tubas e Eufónios (2019)

6' 30''

This piece was written having the nordic mythology as an inspiration, specifically the battle between Siegfried and the dragon Fafnir (known as Fafner in the Richard Wagner’s operas).

It was thought to be played on a tenor Wagner tuba (in Bb) and edited also for euphonium giving the proximity between these two instruments. In the middle of the piece there is an optional cadenza, that can be ignored or replaced by one composed by the performer, but in this case it should begin and end with the tritone interval (G-C#).

Parts available in Bass Clef (in C) and Treble Clef (in Bb)


There is also a version for for wagner tuba (or horn)