Published in July 2019 at Golden River Music 




Repertoire piece for the  IV Concurso Adácio Pestana (2020) horn competition

This piece was composed for Robert Palmer and it is meant to be performed in 2019 at the 51st International Horn Society Symposium in Gent, Belgium.
The name of the piece was inspired by Lied ohne Wörte, which is a German expression that basically means a Song without words. Since the wagner tubas present a range similar to the human voice, the title of the piece intends to establish a relationship between the old German Lied and the songs with a clear jazzy feeling found in the USA. Above all the aim is to give a new voice to this old but beautiful instrument that needs and deserves to have more repertoire.
This piece was born during a very difficult period of my life, during which I almost had no time to dedicate to composition. So, it was composed over a six months time frame and it evolved from a melody that I was singing, whistling and humming. The melody changed over that very long period of time and that’s why each time it is repeated it shows some modifications.
It is scored for tenor Wagner Tuba in B♭ (optionally for horn) and piano.
It can be played on a single Wagner Tuba in B♭, but ideally on a compensated or even double one as the written cadenza asks for notes that aren’t available on a single wagner tuba.
The same way, the cadenza requires multiphonics that might not be possible to be sung on the player’s vocal range. So, the cadenza can be simplified, changed and the players can even write their own cadenzas, in order to fit their instrument, vocal range, and playing abilities.
Because it was scored having an instrument in B♭ in mind, some technical passages might become tricky if played on the F side.
There are written improvisations for both instruments between letter D and G, that also present chord symbols, that can be transformed into real live improvisations.

Play along available here