What's the difference between an online and a traditional lesson?

  • Online lessons are customizable to each student and there are no age limits.
  • On the contrary to the traditional lessons at school, where the student has to follow a specific program, and an exam schedule, in an online lesson can be defined specific technical, interpretative or performance subjects.  For example, an online lesson can be focused on working the low range and change the jaws angle, or for working on a piece interpretation.

I recommend all my students to have lessons and masterclasses with other teachers as I believe that the full development as a musician and horn player (technical, interpretative and performative) gains a lot from a varied palette of experiences however not every horn teacher shares this opinion. For that reason, if you are having regular lessons with a teacher, I encourage you to ask him about the online lessons.



For a successful online lesson, you will need a computer or a mobile device equipped with a camera and microphone, and a good internet connection. If you are using a tablet or smartphone you should use the front camera, in order to see your teacher. Depending on your microphone's sound quality, you may need and external USB microphone. It is optional, but I recommend you using headsets to avoid feedback. You will need Skype orFaceTime installed on your device.


More Information

Like in a doctor's appointment, by the end of the class may be recommended support materials for correcting or develop, but always respecting copyright protected materials.

Time schedule and lessons' duration depends on availability. 

For further information, please contact me.