Published in July 2013 by Phoenix Music Publications 

ISBN: 9055520705  ISBN13: 9789055520701

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 These etudes were Featured at:

 III Matosinhos’ International Youtube Competition 

 #MatosinhosChallenge (2020)



This book is dedicated to Sarah Willis for all her work as a low horn player and for being a big inspiration for every horn player.

This is the third etude book for horn written by me, which was fun to do, but also a personal challenge as during the whole process I have been fighting against my worst nightmare. By way of explanation, I find the low horn the most difficult range to master. 

There are many high horn books but very few for low horn, which is as interesting and really deserves to be promoted. Most times it seems to me, that the great majority of students is simply obsessed with the high horn playing and tends to forget to practice the middle and low register, which I find very unfair as they are amazingly appealing. Furthermore, not all low horn books available are exactly fun to play, which  has proved to be another hardship.

The aim of this book is to practice the horn’s low register at different difficulty levels. These etudes use different styles with a strong rhythmic component, some extended techniques and, of course, a lot of fun! 

This is one of the featured books at the Matosinhos' International Etudes Competition 2013

This etude book was internationally recognised, with an Honorable Mention at the "Virtuoso Composition Division" in the 2014 Composition Contest of the International Horn Society.



"Dedicated to Sarah Willis, Ricardo Matosinhos’ 15 Low Horn Etudes were also a way for him to confront his “worst nightmare”—his low range. Matosinhos is a Portuguese horn player and teacher who has produced several interesting pedagogical materials in recent years. These fifteen etudes are of varying difficulty, incorporating both treble and bass clefs, a mix of meters and rhythmic styles, extended techniques (especially multiphonics), and various musical styles including both classical and (mostly) jazz. The focus and structure of each etude is quite satisfying, and the variety of stylistic and technical challenges is really appealing. It is also much appreciated that Matosinhos has recorded these etudes and made the recordings available on his website for reference; very impressive playing! These etudes average about two minutes each, and the overall range is F to f''. They are definitely for advanced players, or those who want to be, and are WAY more fun (to me) than any other low horn book I have—and I really like low horn books! I am looking forward to working on these myself with some seriousness…in purpose, not in attitude. I really like these etudes a lot."
Jeffrey Snedeker, The Horn Cal, February 2014


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15 Low Horn Etudes, n.2 - Ricardo Matosinhos
(Live Recording in 2011 at "La Marmita" in V. N. Gaia, Portugal)


15 Low Horn Etudes, n.8 - Ricardo Matosinhos
(Live Recording in 2010 at Břevnov Monastery in Prague)