The piece Traveling for flute and alto flute, published by Scherzo Editions, was again recognized in an international competition, this time at the Newly Published Music Competition 2017 organized by the The National Flute Association. The competition recognizes works published in the previous year and considers both the quality of the publication and the quality of the musical content.

The piece will be performed on August 13th during the 2017 NFA Convention at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The piece B(h)ORN T’WIN, op.72 for horn ensemble was awarded with the 1st prize at the Twin Cities Horn Club composition contest. The piece will be premiered by the Twin Cities Horn Club members on Sunday afternoon, September 10, 2017 at Woodbury - Peaceful Grove United Methodist Church, 7465 Steepleview Road, Woodbury MN.  

Today my Flute Trio, op.65 was published at Scherzo Editions.

Ricardo Matosinhos (horn) • Isolda Crespi Rubio (piano)

• Kerry Turner (*1960) - Sonata Op. 13 para Trompa e Piano (1989)
• Ricardo Matosinhos (*1982) - Reflections, Op.71 para trompa solo (2016)
• Fernando Morais (*1966) - Mosaico no.3 para trompa e piano (2017, Estreia Mundial)
• Miguel Castro (*1985) - Concertino para trompa e piano
• Richard Bissil (*1960) - Song of a New World para trompa e piano
• Richard Bissil (*1960) - Fat Belly Blues para trompa e piano


-July 2nd, 2017 at 4 p.m  at FEUP (Oporto), FREE

-July 12, 2017 at 2 p.m. at Escola de Artes da Universidade de Évora, FREE


RGC mutes review. In this video I review the models TPA02 and TPA10.