The piece Reflections, op.71 for horn solo by de Ricardo Matosinhos is the Featured Division Winner in the 2016 International Horn Society Composition Contest. Over 70 composers from 10 nations made their submissions in two categories and one prize and an honourable mention were atributed for each category.

The sheetmusic for this piece is available at AvA Musical Editions


The piece Reflections, op.71 for horn solo is now published at AvA Musical Editions


The piece Os Contos do Oboé, for oboe and piano will be premiered by Courtney Miller and Alan Huckleberry on February 9th 2017 at 7:30pm at the University of Iowa

This performance will be followed by a cycle of concerts, antecipating a CD release of Music for Oboe by Portuguese Composers
Monday Feb. 13-7:30pm U Mass Amherst, 
Tuesday Feb. 14-7:00pm Providence College, RI
Wednesday Feb. 15-Boston Public Library
Monday March 13 University of Michigan
Tuesday March 14 7:30 p.m. University of Western Michigan
Wednesday March 15 Saginaw Valley State University


Between August 12th and 20th 2017 it will take place in Prague the 26th Interpretation Horn Courses, "HornClass 2017".  I have  already  attended these amazing interpretation courses as a student, as a guest performing a horn solo recital,  as a guest techer, and this year I was honoured to be invited to be one of the guest teachers together with Raimund Zell (Austria) and the Prague Horn Trio members, that host this courses (Jiří Havlík, Jindřich Petráš, Zdeněk Divoký).

There will be also other guests doing recitals, horn makers doing presentations of instruments and accessories.

I highly recommend these interpretation courses for their quality and also for being quite affordable, something that more than ever does matter! 

For more information about these courses please take a look at:

Every music teacher knows the old story: the student that begins practicing his instrument without a metronome. After a while, he/she can't keep the same tempo, feel the subdivision, and even worse.. make mistakes without being aware of them. Also, a student without metronome can't practice the usual step by step increase/decrease exercises.

Excuses are more than many, but the most common is... it is too expensive! I understand that the financial situation of some families is not the best, so I did a search and found a metronome for as little as 3€ and 60 cents (free shipping).

A simple eBay search revealed some low-cost options, but you should select the Free Shipping and Buy Now options to avoid surprises.

I made a video to show the features...

I wish you a nice practicing session and now, since there are no more excuses...