If you don't take care of your Horn, the bell might get suck. This little trick helps on preventing it, by using a dry lubricant, but unfortunatelly doesn't help if it is already stuck! If that happens, I highly discourage you to force the bell or the result might be even worse than your deepest nightmare... Considere yourself advised and take your horn to a specialized technician AFAP. I've seen small students taking a horn to complete ruing just by forcing the bell, believe or not, it is very easy to twist your horn like if it was a sheet of paper...
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Due to lack of regular tuning slide lubrication or fast climate changes, horn's tuning slides might get stuck. The tip presented on this video can solve most of the situations. If the slide doesn't come out at the first try, please don't force or you might get a broken joint. For serious situations do not try to be super man... take your instrument to a specialized repair technician that will easily solve your problem.

English subtitles available, just press the "cc" button bellow the video!

Back in my old website there was a Horn Mouthpiece chart. Some people asked me if it would be available in my new website. Well, here it is: an improved version, allowing now to compare, side by side, different horn mouthpiece makers.


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Time changes, but not the horn beginners' universal will to practice just C, and only C major scale every day!
Now, that every student is born already logged to facebook and with their smartphone batteries fully charged, nothing better than using the "new technologies"
Well... SMS is not quite new as the first SMS was sent already 22 years ago!

Today arrived the May 2014 "The Horn Call Magazine", which includes one article I wrote "A Metaphorical Approach to Horn Teaching".
UPDATE: Thanks to the readperiodicals.com is possible to read the full article online.